Equity Consulting

Preservation, constant growth and independence


Our mission is to keep your assets organized, protected and invested properly so you always have a consistent growth, based on the vision of the whole estate.

  • Comprehensive analysis and consolidation of the different positions dispersed in an independent way in between different assets and financial entities.
  • Design of a Strategic Asset Plan in a medium and long term where, with each client, we set goals. Revising, and adapting it if necessary, depending on the needs of our customers.
  • Comprehensive approach in the search of the best investment opportunities and selection of the best specialists for our clients.
  • Specialized professional judgment and permanent control to screen a universe of ever expanding and more complex investment, always in line with the risk profile of each customer.
  • Design of the most appropriate equity vehicle, seeking regulatory and tax efficiency to meet the concerns of our customers according to their goals and needs, made by the very best specialists in each field.
  • Independent advice, because our interest lies solely in ensuring the safety and growth of the assets of our client, without conditions or servitudes towards third parties.
  • Accurate communication both in time and form, according to the preferences of each client. We report to our clients monthly the state of their Equity.
  • Cost savings for the customer because we negotiate the most competitive prices and costs for each type of service and / or product. According to our experience, in normal conditions, this cost savings alone offset our fees.
  • Confidentiality and mutual understanding, because trust is the basis of our rationale, and the defense of our client, our interest.
  • Joint venture that is, we are the first to invest in most projects presented to third parties.

Furthermore, aiming to optimize our clients’ assets, always depending on the risk profile of each client, we continually select investment opportunities in various fields such as real estate, unlisted companies, private equity, franchise selection and new business projects.