Labour and Human Resources

We offer a comprehensive service.


Both in regard to day to day labour relations and litigious issues.

Our clients are represented in the different aspects of their labour negotiations.

In coordination with other departments, our professionals work in corporate restructuring processes in relation with cases of succession of business, performing the due diligence in the process of buying and selling companies.

In the field of litigation we handle the legal address of judicial proceedings in the administrative and judicial-social order (layoffs, rights claims, labour disputes, sanctions, accidents, substantial change in working conditions, etc.).

  • Advice and implementation of labour contracts.
  • Termination of contracts and settlement.
  • Conciliation in front of CMAC (Center of Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation).
  • Execution of final judgments of dismissal.
  • Labour appeals.
  • Payslip elaboration.
  • Obtention of grants.
  • Training courses.