Consulting and Operations


We develop, transform and enhance your business


With our own personality, at MERLION VENTURES & ADVISORY, we offer customized solutions to each client, adapting to their needs, focusing on three key activities:

Accelerate projects
  • Facilitate entry into new markets
  • Defining growth paths
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Capital raising
  • Strategic decision making


Facilitate funding sources
  • Seeking funding and investors
  • Investment in profitable assets
  • Private equity, venture capital
  • Project accelerator
  • Analysis of the technical, economic and financial viability of the projects
  • Study of growth paths
  • Location of operating and strategic partners
  • Management of funding streams
  • Transaction process management
  • Negotiating and obtaining favourable conditions to successfully close the operation.


Strategic consulting
  • Financial, economic and strategic advice.
  • Advice on raising capital through debt, capital restructurings, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, joint ventures and partnership in transactions.
  • Analysis of strategic options.
  • Company performance valuations.
  • Structuring of the transaction.
  • Design of mechanisms to present the transaction on the market.


Corporate Operations
  • Acquiring target identification.
  • Identification of partners or buyers.
  • Preparing the company for the corporate process.
  • Support from funding sources.
  • Support in the definition of the adequate tax and corporate structure.
  • Management of the transaction process.
  • Purchase or sale of a business.
  • The capital restructuring.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Conduct divestments.